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Do More of What You Love

My morning started out slowly, peacefully and once I was out of bed, with some meditating. I then moved onto some swimming through reading materials on my list of “what to read next”. It turned out that I wasn’t in the mood to read. From there I danced over to Pinterest and began organizing a few of my boards. Finally, ending this quiet time while making a lovely breakfast for myself to enjoy in the quiet sunshine. 

My house was quiet for about four hours as my household slept in. I love these moments. Waking up early on a Sunday is worth it to soak in this happy. 

The time alone allowed for me to think about what is truly important to me. Much of my pondering was spent tossing around questions like:

Why do we live to work? Shouldn’t we be working to live? 

Who says that what we love is not enough? Who says we cannot spend a majority of our time focused on what we love and happiness. Focused on what brings us joy. 

What brings us joy most often brings us peace. Why aren’t we chasing that joy and that peace more often?

What does self-care truly look like for me? For my loved ones? For my friends and colleagues?

Isn't chasing peace, joy, and happiness part of self-care?

I challenge each of us to do more of what brings us happiness, joy, and peace.

Comment below and share what you plan to do more of.

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