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Great Expectations

This year went from zero to insanity in less than two months. It is now the middle of October and it feels a bit like a time-warp, or a magnetic field is being beamed upon us. The days are moving at light-speed yet paused all at once. The feeling of too fast and too slow crashes into each hour. The truth is - it is quite an uncomfortable pressure for many.

How we approach time moving forward is important. How we interact and take part with others is paramount.

I read a quote last night - it stuck with me. It has me thinking about expectations. The expectations that we put on ourselves and others.

Marinate in this with me:

My mom has told me my entire life: “Rachel, you cannot put the expectations of yourself onto others.” It is a lesson everyone will be better for learning. It is the type of lesson we need to continually remind ourselves of as we journey through life.

When you go into this new hour, day, or month – remember:

Most everyone is in survival mode right now.

Not everyone is able to meet you how you would prefer. 

Give yourself and others some grace.

You are a work in progress and do not forget - so is everyone else.

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