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Dear Job Seekers - Let's Regroup Together

Are you a job seeker? I want to share some information with you. Whether it is new information or a refresher, I hope you'll take the time to read this blog post.

I encourage you all to reflect on the untapped potential of your professional network and take deliberate steps to use it. Together, we can create a community where opportunities are abundant, and success knows no bounds. With that said, lately, I've received more InMails than I can count that are strategically - complete missteps by job seekers. You're trying and for that - I applaud you. Here are a few key takeaways I want to share with you based on my InMail box this past quarter:


In this interconnected world, our networks are more than just a list of contacts. They are

a valuable asset that can open doors, provide opportunities for collaboration, and help

us navigate the hard-working and turbulent landscape of the modern job market and


Establish Authentic Connections: Building genuine relationships is the foundation of any strong professional network. Take the time to engage with your connections on a

personal level, showing interest in their work and offering support whenever possible.

Authenticity goes a long way in cultivating a network that thrives on trust and mutual


Share Knowledge and Expertise: Your professional network is a goldmine of knowledge and expertise. Don't hesitate to share your own insights and experiences, and be open to learning from others. By actively participating in discussions, offering valuable advice, and providing helpful resources, you position yourself as a valuable asset within your network.

Asking for Support: Make sure if you’re asking someone(s) from your network or

extended network for a favor or support that you are being respectful of their time and

yours. It doesn’t typically help to send an InMail to a hiring manager or recruiter with a

note that says, “…let me know if you have any openings that qualifications align with” or

“…here is my resume. Let me know if you have anything for me”. Instead, take a look at

the open roles the person’s company you’re getting in touch with is hiring for. If there is

a role you’re interested in, apply for it and then send a note stating you’re interested in

the specific role and if you’d like – why you’d be a good fit. Recruiters and hiring managers are not an employment or staffing agency. They have specific roles open they need to fill. Help yourself by only InMailing (or however you message me) in-house

recruiters and hiring team members with specifics. “Floating” your resume for a role you

have no idea if the company is hiring for and not looking first is sure to, leave you on

read or move you to the bottom of the pile of people to respond to. If a company does

not have a role open you absolutely can send your resume. Make sure if that is the case

that you let them know you didn’t see a specific role that met your qualifications but that you are very interested in the company itself. You will explain your “why” and then briefly summarize the type of role you’d like to be considered for in the future. Again,

you’re not just mass messaging out your resume, you’re reaching out with specifics of

who you are, what your intentions are, and what your “why” is.

Seek Mentorship and Guidance: Within your network, there are likely individuals who

have achieved remarkable success in your field of interest. Don't be afraid to reach out to them and ask for mentorship or guidance. Most professionals are eager to share their wisdom and help others grow. The right mentor can provide invaluable guidance and open doors that you may have never imagined. Be specific and direct with what you're asking for.

Collaborate and Partner Up: Collaboration is key in today's fast-paced, interconnected world. Your professional network can be a source of potential collaborators, partners, or even co-founders for new ventures. By demonstrating complementary abilities and sharing resources, you can embark on exciting projects that would have been otherwise unattainable.

Stay Engaged and Expand Your Network: The power of your network lies not only in the existing connections but also in the potential connections waiting to be made. Atten industry events, join professional associations, and engage in online communities to

expand your reach. By staying active and visible, you increase the chances of

serendipitous encounters and unexpected opportunities. You'll be surprised at the positive results when you stay engaged.

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