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Photo: Rachel Kitty Cupples, recruiter

Rachel Cupples is trail-blazing within the recruitment community with her approach to candidate experience and creating inclusive interview programs. With well over a decade of recruitment experience, she has not only built and led exceptional recruitment teams but has also made a lasting impact on the industries she’s served. What sets Rachel apart is her ability to connect with people on a real level which allows her to establish genuine relationships – a superpower that she wholeheartedly embraces in her work, "meeting people where they are and building from there".


Rachel excels in various areas of recruitment, including sourcing, recruitment strategy, and creating exceptional candidate experiences. She is committed to developing innovative recruitment programs that empower candidates, hiring teams, and clients, while also championing the importance and tangible impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion on a company's success. Rachel's unwavering focus and passion for people enable her to deliver exceptional programming focused on candidate experience, never compromising on the experience or resorting to shortcuts.


Recognized by her peers and industry leaders, Rachel's achievements in the field of recruitment speak volumes. As an award-winning recruiter, she consistently demonstrates her ability to connect with job seekers and her unwavering commitment to quality hiring. However, Rachel's expertise extends beyond traditional recruitment. She is also a seasoned succession planning program manager, high-volume and executive recruiter, diversity-focused sourcer, and recruitment/interview trainer to name just a few areas she excels in.


In January 2020, Rachel's unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion in recruitment was celebrated with the Diversity Spirit Achievement Award by City Career Fair, the largest diversity-focused career fair in the United States at that time. It serves as a testament to Rachel's active support of diversity and inclusion in recruitment practices and acknowledges her work specifically in 2019.

The impact Rachel has on the industries she’s served/serves is evident from the numerous accolades she has received. In both 2022 and 2023, she was named on Xobin's Top HR Influencer list for Diversity and Inclusion. This recognition serves as a testament to her influential contributions and thought leadership across the recruitment and hiring communities on social media. In addition, she was named in Recooty's International List of 20 Powerful Women Leaders in HR on International Women's Day in 2023.  In 2024 Recooty recognized her for her dedication to transforming HR stating that, "Rachel’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace and championing diversity is changing the game. Her empathy-driven recruitment approach sets a powerful example for all of us." in their International Women's Day campaign in March 2024 as one of 2024's "Top Powerful Women Leaders in HR" and again in May 2024 for International HR Day recognizing her in their "Top 28 HR Leaders for International HR Day" article.

Today, Rachel is currently a job seeker and resides in Washington state and is open to conversations regarding relocation. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, cooking, reading, social media, board games, old-school video games, and pinball. Rachel also enjoys volunteering for organizations like, Special Olympics, and also partners with several local community groups offering job seeker support to underrepresented communities  through providing mock interviews, interview prep, and sharing tips regarding job search.

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