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Are You Attempting To Measure Your Personal & Professional Growth During A Global Pandemic?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

How many times have you felt like you were not growing this year? The odds are, YOU ARE GROWING. Truthfully, you are more than likely growing in ways you'd never imagined and may not be able to immediately identify.

We are all growing during a global pandemic - whether we know it or not. Whether we think we can measure our growth or not. Whether time has made us feel like it is moving at a proper pace or not. We cannot continue to compare the trajectory of our growth during a pandemic year to previous years. It is just not apple to apples. Why are we continually beating ourselves up over some assumed measurement of success before we unpack what success should (or better words: success could) look like?

You have managed this year during a global pandemic in the best way you have been equipped to. You have been resilient. You have learned about yourself. You have allowed yourself to accept that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. You have been there emotionally and socially distanced for many people this year. You have allowed yourself more time for self-reflection this year. You’ve not only imagined a better world, you’ve taken time to make a positive impact. You've leaned in and taken steps towards what you’d like that world to look like; whether personally, professionally, politically, or socially.

If you really want to measure something, measure the amount of love and compassion residing within you. Measure the countless moments you have allowed yourself to be vulnerable with others and in return the moments others were vulnerable with you. Measure the amount of self-care your are providing yourself and reminding others of for their own self-healing, care, and growth.

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