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Interviewing in 2020: Making Feedback Normal

Recently, I interviewed for a recruiting leadership role at a tech company. The recruiter was lovely to speak with. 

The virtual interview took place on a Monday and lasted about 38 minutes. The recruiter was so complimentary. It was refreshing to know that I was perfect for the role. She kept complimenting my answers to her questions and mentioning how well my previous experience lined up with the role. We even discussed my lack of tech recruiting experience. She said while it is preferred, I was the only candidate on her radar that had all of the required experience. She told me that I checked off all of her boxes and that I should hear back no later than Wednesday morning on when to expect my next interview, which would be with the hiring manager. I left that phone interview feeling amazing. I was on cloud nine. Was this the opportunity I’d been waiting for? I was so excited. 

Two hours and forty-three minutes later, I received a rejection email from the same recruiter. No feedback. Just that I should keep looking at the website and applying for their open roles. I was shocked. In denial, I reread the email several times. I was in disbelief that I was being rejected after the phone interview. The silver lining in my experience... I applaud the rejection letter / email coming so quickly. It’s something many organizations are not managing properly. It’s better to know vs. not knowing your status as an applicant/candidate. Recruiting is no simple task. It's a calling. It's life for many of us. I applaud those who recruit day in and day out. A big thank you to recruiters for all that you do! Thank you for being agile and having the ability to pivot and change course as often as you do! Let's embrace this feedback concept together. Let 2020 be the year candidate experience is coupled with candidate feedback.

Do you have questions? Ideas? Thoughts to share? Have you had this similar experience as a candidate? I'd love to hear from you about your experience. 

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