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Hiring Teams: Are you operating in survival mode?

After hearing from and seeing so many hiring team members across the globe struggle to recruit and hire these past few months, I cannot help but wonder, why is everyone still operating in survival mode? Or better yet, IS EVERYONE STILL OPERATING IN SURVIVAL MODE?

I've had calls with fellow recruitment professionals from all over this year. Some have embraced what's come their way and have taken the setbacks and learning curve of the past 12-18 months for what it could be, learning opportunities. Some have continued to stay in that fight or flight type of survival mode that suited us for a moment but no longer bears fruit for today's job market and hiring. If you haven't checked to see what time it is...⏰

It's time to...

⏰ Assess the workload on each of your recruiting team member's plates

⏰ Add to your recruitment team or add an outside resource like on-demand recruitment for the next six to twelve months while you assess

⏰ Build a manageable workflow and process for hiring that is enforced and candidate experience friendly

⏰ Train/Retrain your hiring managers (& anyone part of the hiring process) on workflow & hiring process and technique (everyone needs a refresher whether they think they do or not)

⏰ Review what metrics you're tracking and reporting for recruitment, hiring, and retention. What story are your metrics telling you?

⏰ If you're a leader (hey - even if you aren't a leader): If you have not already, write down what you have learned in the past 12-18 months. Then ask your team to do the same thing. Schedule a time to meet and share as a team. Do not leave this meeting until the team has taken some of those lessons and has begun to morph the lessons into process improvement. Make sure to schedule a follow-up to this meeting to hold one another accountable for putting these ideas into action.

⏰ Celebrate how far you and your team have come.

⏰ Remind yourself and your teammates that just because this is the way it has always been done doesn't mean it is the way it should be done today.

⏰ Allow yourself and encourage your teammates to stay curious and question everything.

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